How to form a free zone company

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How to form a free zone company

These are three steps to form a free zone company in UAE. We will discuss every step briefly that will help you understand how to set up a business in the free zone.

Requirements for DMCC Free Zone Company setup:

The entire process of free zone company formation is a relatively easy task. However, every free zone has different requirements for a trade license. Your trade license is depending on your business entity and activity. However, once you obtain the trade license, you can enjoy multiple benefits that can grow your business.

For free zone company formation, you can rely on agencies that can handle your formation process more effectively. If you provide them complete information, you can obtain a trade license within two working days. Following requirements, you have to fulfill a trade license.

  • Copy of passport that is notarized from authorities
  • UAE embassy stamp on your passport
  • Copy of power attorney ( Notarized by authorities)
  • Original utility bills that show your business address
  • Detailed CV

A bank confirmation letter that shows you are a reliable customer of the bank. It should mention that you have a good amount in your account.

Before providing a passport and power of attorney copies, make sure that they are notarized from the embassy or consulate. You may notarize these documents from any embassy or consulate of the UAE, even anywhere in the world. Utility bills should be water, telephone, or electricity bill.

Step 2: Company setup:

When you have completed step one, you will need to provide a payment receipt to a privacy management group that will help you to set up your free zone business. For the preparation for this step, you may have to provide further information. Once all the process is been accomplished, you will be ready to run your free zone business in UAE. This step may take 7 to 10 working days to complete.

Step 3:

Once the company formation process is completed, you will need to get an investor visa application, bank account, and offices. You may lease or buy the property for your business office. Your business setup consultants in DMCC can help you handle this final step. They will look after your visa application process and ensure that everything is going smoothly. They also have experts that can arrange required documents for your bank accounts. They have reliable associations with different banks that can help in financial matters.