How to select the right makeup online

2 min read

There are a lot of people who are going to shop online and they are shopping every kind of items through internet according to their need. Makeup is another commodity that is now being sold on the internet and women are buying makeup online UAE, but sometimes it is a difficult task to complete as in makeup people need to get the items according to their skin type and according to the color of their skin. You can also get electronics in Dubai but for makeup you have to see the following things:

Skin color:

You have to first know about the color of your skin and in most of the makeup website you will get the idea about it as there will be a complete guide available there and you have to select one of that. If you are still doubtful about it then you can get the online guide from their customer service and they will help you to a great extent.

Skin type:

You have to see that what kind of skin type you have. There are mainly three types of skin, one is oily, one is dry and one is the combination skin. There are products available for these skin types differently and if you get the wrong type of product then you will not get good results no matter how much good makeup you will get or how expensive makeup you will buy. You need to give a keen look at your skin. Some people will have oily skin at the T-zone area and other areas are dry so this kind of skin s called as the combination skin. Some people have oily skin throughout the face and they have to wipe off the oil every few hours then they should get products that have less oil and that are mainly water based.

Base color:

When you are going to get the foundation base then you have to see that it should not be too white as compared to your original skin care because it will make your skin look dull and grey. You need to get only one tome lighter or if you get the same colored foundation even them you will get amazing look in your makeup as you will be going to use many other makeup related products too on your face.