What to see in a restaurant?

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When you are invited to a restaurant as Dubai food photographer then you will have a great responsibility on your shoulders to help them in return of the amount which they are paying you. People will think that it is not a good paying job so they avoid getting in to it but the reality is that of you are expert in your filed then you will get more than enough money and you will also get a lot of free food which will lower down your expenses for buying food for you and sometimes bigger restaurants will give you the facility to have some discount every time you go there so you can take your friends and family to that restaurant too. There are many food photographers in Dubai but not all of them will get the opportunity to get hired by bigger restaurants, when you get this opportunity then you have to observe these things in that:


You need to check that how much cooperative of the staff of that restaurant because it will be a great impact on the sales of that restaurant too and you will also get a great help from them. If you see any flaws in the working of staff then you can suggest your client about changing of their staff behavior and it will be the biggest help which you can do for them but you have to be careful with your words and you should not sound like you are complaining against them but you should suggest the changes and it will be a good impact on them.


You should ask about the budget in advance and you have to set that according to different things like the type of restaurant and the type of food you are going to photograph. You also need to see about your expertise and how much competition in the market and what is your position in the market. When you take care of all the things mentioned above then you will be in better position to set a price for your work and you will grow over time because you know your worth and the worth of your work. People will admire you on the basis of your work but your clients will hire you on the basis of your good behavior too.