Why should one buy Volkswagen or BMW?

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Buying a car is a tough decision. Always go for the best brand and company before buying any automobile. One of the best brands that people are often confused between as to which one to buy is Volkswagen and BMW. Both are expensive and are among the best cars in the world.

Both cars are German brands. BMW was founded in 1917 while Volkswagen in 1937. They both have logo shaped in a circle as it’s the most recognized symbol in the world. BMW is not a people’s car. It has its class and personality that’s one of the reasons that not everyone can afford it. People who have BMW are people who belong to the upper or the elite class. If you have been to Dubai then you might have seen a lot of BMWs on the roads with aggressive drivers going over the speed limit. BMW has a world-class marketing strategy. However, people claim to have some reliability issues with BMW. BMW service in Dubai is expensive but so is in other countries as well but they have amazing car services. BMW provides the best quality, safety, and comfort but it is a car that not everyone can afford if you compare it with other car brands.

Volkswagen is a people’s car. Volkswagen has a wide range of vehicles that’s one of the reasons that people apart from the elite class can afford it. They have versatile cars. They have simple yet elegant designs in cars with familiar body shapes and controls and they are super comfortable. They have durable and reliable cars and need much lesser service than other cars’ brands. You can get offers in VW repair in Dubai shops if you live there. Volkswagen has a German build quality. They use durable, high-quality materials in their whole range.

Simple, if you are looking to buy a car then it depends on your finances and affordability as well as your taste in cars. Always do your research before going to a dealership as you should have a certain knowledge about cars and car brands and also, always compare the price of the cars if you are going for a secondhand car. Test drives are super important when it comes to buying a car so you can have the idea of how the car works and if it is comfortable enough for you to buy.