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Moonshine Distillery

Palmetto Moonshine is South Carolina’s first legal moonshine distillery.
It is handcrafted in small batches made from local corn and born in
a copper still to deliver a one of a kind spirit. The unique flavor comes
from a secret family recipe, which is triple distilled to create the
perfect ultra-smooth, clean crisp taste!

Palmetto Moonrise
Moonshine, orange juice and a
splash of grenadine.

Palmetto Cozmoon
Moonshine, cranberry juice, Peach Schnapps
and a splash of lime juice.

Moon Tang
Moonshine, Tang Orange Drink,
Watermelon Pucker and simple syrup.

Redneck Tea
Moonshine, sweetened tea, Peach Schnapps
and a splash of lemon juice.

Summer Punch
Moonshine, lemonade and a
splash of Grenadine.

Palmetto Lemonade
Moonshine, Blue Curaçao, sour mix
and lemon-lime soda.

Texas Margarita
Moonshine, orange liqueur, a splash of
lemon-lime soda and lime juice.

Fuzzy Moon
Moonshine, Peach Schnapps, orange juice
and a splash of Grenadine.

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Palmetto Restaurant & Ale House
103 E Beacon Drive
Greenville, SC 29615