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Specialty Drinks

Spiked Lemonade
Pearl Citrus Vodka with lemonade – 6.00

Berry Lemonade
Pearl Red Berry Vodka with lemonade – 6.00

Skinny Colada
Svedka Colada Vodka and piapple juice
with a splash of soda water – 7.00

Summer Breeze
Pearl Citrus Vodka and Midori – 7.00

Southern Belle
Evan Williams Bourbon, Peach Schnapps and
sour mix with lemon lime soda – 6.00

Classic Margarita
Margaritaville Gold Tequila, Triple Sec, and
sour mix with a splash of orange juice – 6.00

Malibu Red Margarita
Malibu Red, Triple Sec and sour mix
with a splash of lime juice – 6.00

Skinny Margarita
Sauza Blue Tequila, premium lite margarita mix
and lime juice – 7.00

Palmetto Gold Margarita
Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila, Gran Marnier, sour mix
and cranberry juice with a splash of lime juice – 7.00

Purple Gecko Margarita
Lunazul Reposado Tequila, sour mix, Blue Curaçao,
lime juice and a splash of cranberry – 7.00

Bahama Mama Margarita
Lunazul Reposada Tequila, Whaler’s Coconut Rum, Triple Sec,
lime juice, pineapple juice, and sour mix – 8.00

Palmetto Grand Margarita
Patron Añejo Tequila, Grand Marnier, sour mix and lime juice – 9.00

Pineapple Tini
Skyy Pineapple Vodka, Pearl Citrus Vodke and
pineapple juice garnished with a cherry and grenadine – 6.00

Patrón Pomegranate Tini
Patrón Silver, lime juice, Triple Sec,
sour mix and pomegranate – 8.00

Pomegranate Tini
Pearl Pomegranate Vodka and pomegranate juice – 6.00

Lemon Drop Martini
Pearl Citrus Vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice and a splash
of soda served with a sugared lemon wedge – 6.00

Chocolate Tini
Godiva White Chocolate, Svedka Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Cacao
and a splash of cream served in a chocolate swirled glass
with a Hershey’s Kiss – 7.00

Mocha Caramel Kiss Tini
Pearl Caramel Vodka, Buttershots and Svedka Vanilla Vodka
served in a caramel swirled glass with a Hershey’s caramel Kiss – 6.00

Espresso Martini
Svedka Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
and cream served with a sugared rim – 7.00

Tropical Cosmo
Pearl Citrus Vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice
and Triple Sec – 6.00

Southern Peach Tini
Pearl Peach Vodka, orange juice and Grenadine – 6.00

Pearl Peach Vodka, Triple Sec and cranberry juice – 6.00

Peach Diva
Pearl Peach Vodka, pineapple juice and orange juice – 6.00

Red Berry Cosmo
Pearl Red Berry Vodka, pineapple juice and orange juice – 6.00

Tropical Tini
Whaler’s Pineapple Rum, vodka and a splash of orange juice – 6.00

Banana Tini
Whaler’s Banana Rum, pineapple juice and orange juice – 6.00

Skinny Cosmo
Pearl Red Berry Vidka, lite cranberry juice and a splash of lime – 7.00

Catheryn’s Champagne Tini
Grand Marnier, Peach Schnapps and pineapple juice
topped off with champagne – 7.00

Banana Pudding Tini
Southern Accents Banana Pudding and cream – 6.00

Peach Cobbler Smash
Southern Accents Peach Cobbler and cream – 6.00

Pecan Souffle
Southern Accents Pecan Pie, bourbon and cream – 6.00

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Palmetto Restaurant & Ale House
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Greenville, SC 29615