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Wide Variety of Wine Selections
White Wines, Red Wines, Sparkling Wines, House Wines

Salmon Creek White Zinfandel
Lots of fruit character with peach, apricot and strawberry flavors.
Glass – 6.00 Bottle – 24.00Blue Moon Riesling
Flavors of ripe apples, apricot nectar and grapefruit with aromas of honeysuckle.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

Placido Pinot Grigio
Delightfully refreshing wine from Tuscany that is dry, crisp and fruity.
Glass – 6.00 Bottle – 24.00

Butterfly Kiss Pink Pinot Grigio
Bright citrus flavors with a hint of summer berries and luscious strawberry shortcake.
Glass – 8.00 Bottle – 32.00

Thorny Rose Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp and tart with a burst of citrus and passion fruit.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

Thorny Rose Chardonnay
Fresh and fruity, crisp and creamy with citrusy layers of orange and lemon.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

Butterfly Kiss Chardonnay
Ripe tropical fruit, juicy pear and a kiss of vanilla bean,
pineapple, honeydew and orange blossom.
Glass – 8.00 Bottle – 32.00

White Blends

Primal Roots White
Crisp and refreshing flavors of peach, apricot
and lychee fruits with sweet floral aromas of honeysuckle.
Bottle – 24.00

Lost Angel Ruckus
Sweet and fruity with peach and apricot flavors.
Bottle – 28.00

Lost Angel Mischief Red
Red zinfandel and syrah blend loaded with jammy black fruit,
black pepper and rum raisin.
Bottle – 28.00

Apothic Red
Spicy red zinfandel blended with dark fruity syrah and the smooth elegance of merlot.
Bottle – 32.00

BV Coastal Merlot
Distinctive, vibrant berry flavors with spice and rose.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

Deloach Merlot
Flavors of blueberry and black plum mingle with raspberry.
Glass – 8.00 Bottle – 24.00

Purple Cowboy Night Rider Merlot
Dark black cherry and currant flavors with a hint of cola.
Bottle – 36.00

Pennywise Pinot Noir
Great fruit flavors with a hint of cola.
Glass – 8.00 Bottle – 32.00

Shooting Star Pinot Noir
Well balanced and complex with bright fruit, hints of strawberry, spice and sweet tobacco.
Bottle – 36.00

Thorny Rose Cabernet
Smooth and delicious with blackberry, strawberry and cherry flavors.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

Pennywise Cabernet
Flavors of classic cabernet with red currants, black cherry,
Dutch cocoa and pomegranate.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

The Seeker Cabernet
From Chile this cabernet has hints of black cherry, blackberry and vanilla.
Bottle – 40.00

Diseño Malbec
Explosive flavors of earthy blueberry and rich chocolate with a hint of tobacco.
Glass – 7.00 Bottle – 28.00

Kenwood Yulupa Cuvée Brut
Light and refreshing, well-balanced sparklingwine with fruit flavor – 7.00 split

Allure Sparkling Moscato
Apricot, peach, orange and mint flavors give this bright pink,
festive sparkling moscato a fresh and lively taste – 8.00 split

White Zinfandel – 5.00

Chardonnay – 5.00

Pinot Grigio Merlot – 5.00

Cabernet Sauvignon – 5.00

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