Different methods of arranging lighting fixtures

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Different methods of arranging lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures matter the most because their positioning would determine the fall out of light on different objects that are present in the given space. Lighting companies in Dubai ask customers to consider their fixtures before they consider the different lighting options because that is what matters more. To understand what role these fixtures play, you will first have to understand the different methods which can be used to place them.

  • Uniform lighting arrangement

This kind of lighting is perfect for open floor plans which have a lot of furniture, people and workstations moving around and the reason behind this is that this kind of lighting arrangement fixture is placed high on the walls at a maximum height on a uniform distance between each fixture. This kind of lighting would not consider the desk spacing and equipment in the room and this is why it won’t be able to focus on one single object but instead take the whole room in general.

  • Non uniform lighting fixture arrangement

As suggested by its name, non uniformed lighting system would mean that the spacing between fixtures would be irregular and placed high on the ceilings or as close as possible. This kind of fixture’s spacing will be dependent upon the nature of the task and location of the machinery and workstation which will be placed and performed in the area.

  • Task lighting

This is an extended part of non uniformed lighting which has gained popularity because of its simple set up without requiring much efforts but being an integral part of the whole lighting system. Task lighting can be understood by looking at the fact that how it is placed near the workplace and is low wattage which makes them mobile as well. An example of this could be a desk lamp which is used when need to be focused on the task itself.

A very trusted and reliable sound system supplier in Dubai tells us that how lighting plays a role in the sound itself. A place which is well lit would affect most on people with good sound rather than a place which has close to no good lighting. If a meeting or an event is set up, these both aspects of setting go hand in hand and one compliments the other. You cannot ignore the lighting for sound and sound for lighting.