What are the disadvantages of a modular kitchen?

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There are some disadvantages a modular kitchen in Dubai could have, which are as follows.

  • Cost is High

The cost of a modular kitchen is quite high compared to a traditional kitchen. The accessories of the kitchen of a branded company are also very expensive. So, this type of kitchen is usually affordable by people with high salaries.

  • Maintenance is High

A modular kitchen seems amazing once you get it but the maintenance of these type of kitchens is quite high. The cabinets and shelves need to be cleaned almost every few hours so they look clean and new and also to get rid of stains and dust.

  • Exquisite

Although a modular kitchen is very beautiful but it is delicate at the same time. It should not be used roughly. Since, it is already very expensive and if used roughly then additional costs for repairing and maintenance would be needed often. If the hinges used are quite expensive and of very good quality then there won’t be much problem.

  • No special designs

There are some companies which design modular kitchens otherwise if you get a modular kitchen from any random company, you can have the exact same kitchen your neighbors have or people in your family. So, there is no use spending a lot of money when you are getting something very ordinary and common.

Well, if you still wish to have a modular kitchen regardless of all the disadvantages, you can do so. There is one option though. You can Italian lighting in your kitchen by an Italian lighting designer to give your kitchen a much better look

Italian Designer Lightings

There are some modern and unique lights especially designed for the kitchen to make the kitchen a perfect place for cooking.

There are many types of designer lightings. We will discuss some of the types and you can choose which one you want in your kitchen.

  • Beautifying Pendant Lights

These type of lights are used to make the kitchen stylish and a bit colorful. Beautifying lights are usually used on the top of peninsula in the number of 2 or 3.

  • Lighting for Cabinets

These lights are helpful because the things placed inside a cabinet can be seen easily especially at night.

  • Lights for Dining Area

These types of light add design and improve the appearance of a kitchen. People can enjoy eating the food under these types of lights.