Dental Veneers and Their Types

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Having missing teeth or gaps between the teeth can be humiliating and embarrassing. The field of dentistry has solutions to all your dental care needs. Dental veneers are an authentic corrective dental cosmetic option that can rejuvenate the beauty and strength of your decayed teeth more quickly and easily.

What is a Veneer?
To restore the shape, color and size of a tooth, dentists apply veneers, also referred to as a laminate, which is a customized fine shell of ceramic porcelain or composite resin that fits over the front surface of the tooth. Dental veneers are commonly fabricated from tooth-like ceramic substance to amend such imperfections in teeth as a stain, crack, or chip. Veneers are common and effective for aging patients with worn dentition.

Veneers are tailored to exactly match the size, shape and color of your existing teeth. All these features of a required veneer are normally handled by a lab technician and then sent to the cosmetic dentist for placing over the patient’s tooth.

A dental veneer is simply bonded to the front side of the existing tooth. It’s an entirely tooth-borne procedure; hence no drilling or adhesives are required.

You may opt for dental veneers at any dental hospital or clinic under a qualified dentist in Abu Dhabi.

Types of Veneers
A variety of veneers are available in the market but the two most common types are porcelain and composite.

Porcelain veneers are minor, wafer-thin bits of porcelain that is laid over the surface of your teeth, altering the deformed, chipped, contorted, stained or broken-down dentition into a spanking new, symmetrical, radiant smile.

The process of applying veneers involves complete evaluation of your dentition by your cosmetic dentist, taking an impression of your teeth and sending it to a technician in a lab to compose the veneer.

Composite resin is another material used for making cosmetic dental veneer that comes in the same color as of your natural teeth. This type of veneers does not require taking a patient’s teeth impression or involvement of a lab technician. The dentist himself shaves the tooth enamel and applies the resin material to the surface. Composite veneers are thicker, cheaper and can be easily repaired.

With the firmly installed veneers, you can enjoy your fresh smile and self-confidence for many years to come. Find the best dental veneers in Abu Dhabi here.